“That answers that question.

“Y/n I do like you, okay?

Now, Sam was in high school, too, so you had to be by yourself without the comforting thought that Sam wasn’t too far away from you. You were sick the day they went over this stuff in health class.

They begin to get in the car, and I join by getting into the back of the impala. I cringe every night in our hotel room, to this day. Castiel notes the way his throat works, trying to force something out only to draw a blank. “I suppose the princess shouldn’t go there, but she does need to go to bed,” Crowley replied as he managed to finish buttoning your shirt. You pulled your phone out and called. Usually, you are doing some small cases by yourself and being on call for Sam or Dean when they needed specific information, so being personally invited by Dean Winchester was you ecstatic.
You had no idea what to do. “Thank you,” you felt relieved that your dad was letting you get away with not being at school for the last half of the day. See, you weren’t the strongest girl. You grabbed the top blanket and hid your face in it. He wanted to make sure the world you lived in was safe.” He finished. :((, (we need more soft readers, I ain’t no bad bitch), Originally posted by supernatural-jackles. “Cas? It was keeping you asleep that was the problem. People are talking about "the [x ship] version" of That Destiel Scene, and my brain did this. “What’s in the bag?” Dean questioned. Read The Bridge [3] from the story Agents of Supernatural (Marvel x Supernatural) by RogueRebel-501 (Rogue Rebel) with 59 reads. You wandered downstairs and into the library. I told him I liked him. This was awkward.

You tried to get away, but he just pulled harder, “Go ahead, mute. Let's rectify that. "I don’t think I can last unless Sam can drive.

Just as Sam and I dash towards the hallway. They stopped when they saw the impala parked by the room you were staying in. You quickly got up, grabbed the bag, and went back to the stall. It was three stories tall and was bigger than all of the other schools you ever saw. “Of course, I’d love that!” You say, almost too excitedly.

“No,” you sniffled and wiped your tears. But Dean smiled at you beside him. Or will they do anything at all? “Well, besides the incident with Y/n, good,” Dean answered. “I’m not ten anymore.

It was relatively new, the tenants weren’t home, so finding this ghost was vital, hoping that if the owners came back, they wouldn’t have a clue that we were there. “Uh…” Sam changed places with Dean, “how about we get you new pants and stuff as you go to the bathroom?” He offered a solution. “Where’s my father? We’re gonna have to stop on the side, the nearest motel is three hours away.“ Dean sighs as he grips the wheel tight. 49 notes Aug 17th, 2020. “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO BED!” You screamed. REQUEST by @thatsabummer02: Could you do a long imagine with Sam Winchester? No cars seem to pass us, our trip to the nearest town was further in than we thought. The rest of the night at the motel as per usual. Dean isn’t doing too well when Sam and Jack find him.

“I’m right here; you’re okay. “I’m sorry, guys can be loads of crap.” Dean wrapped his arm around you, bringing you close to his chest. Girl atm and I’m frothing over Jensen!!!. You slowly opened the door, tears running down your cheeks. “Y/n, wait up!” Sam follows after me as I wait beside the impala. me realising that I could never be a hunter because I’m the weakest person I know and no matter the number of lessons I do at taekwondo I will never be the badass hunter in x readers. Yet, the warm feeling in my lower abdomen was growing, this proximity was a turn on, to say the least. Oh, how we’re never going to hear the end of this. “I won’t be back for a couple weeks.

“Y/n,” his voice dragged, “we can do this like how we did when you were little. He pulled the blankets up to your shoulders and kissed your forehead. “Nightmare,” you whimpered before climbing into his lap. If you spent enough time practicing, maybe you would be like a cat woman. “Daddy!” You yelled as soon as you woke. “Hello, Dean,”.

A woman, her face angry. Some may end up in the story one way or another; others may not. I softened, my hands fell onto his forearms, and my eyes limp closed. You never recalled feeling better after putting on new clothes…..and another thing. Your father felt the guilt when you yelled at him, hearing the hurt in your voice. Open in … I catch it swiftly. Open in … Coulson never wanted for his daughter to follow in his footsteps into the career path that was SHIELD, but how could she not, being raised to listen to the great stories about Captain America, ov... #aos #coulson #crossover #dean #fanfiction #marvel #sam #shield #supernatural #winchester. His mind was racing at shock at your comments. Dean sighed as you continued to ignore him. A Crossover series between The Supernatural universe, the MCU and X-Men Alternate Timeline. You gave a small giggle and kissed his cheek.
“What happened?” Dean blinked in disbelief that you never talked about a boy before. When Dean finally opened his eyes, Jack wasn’t looking at him. They tried to look at other products in the aisle. A horrible mistake really. I write about Marvel and Supernatural; Masterlist. “Let me go!” You cried out. Sammy: It didn’t take much for Sam to put you sleep. “I’m not going to bed.” You whimpered.

“Mmhm,” is all you managed before he lifted you to his lap. “Where are you going?” Dean asked as Sam carried as he carried a bag, heading towards the garage. We’re okay.” Dean told you. “Good night Cas.” You smiled back before a yawn and walked back upstairs to your room.

“Not, Sam?” Dean rolls his eyes, and you laugh. Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill, Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming.

You haven’t spoken to Dean much. “Pants and,” he couldn’t manage the second part. Movies, candy, cuddles, the whole nine yards.” He brightly suggested.

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